So, like I suppose I’m pretty good at the social things, I do the Twitter mostly, but Facebook is, you know, still pretty important for socialising and stuff so that’s there too.

I started realising my talent for, like, people things when I worked in Perth. EVERYBODY there found me really, really funny and helpful and intelligent. So, I decided to take my personality and charisma online to help people via social media, which is a rather big deal these days.

I suppose you could say that you CAN DEFINITELY TRUST ME to make your company really, and I mean like REALLY, social in the social bits of the internet marketing side of the internet.

My strategy would initially involve being taken out by your company to like Harry’s On The Green or something. I’d then get a feel for the ethos and general, like, “style” of your brand and from there, the rest more or less does itself.

It’s marketing, not, like, rocket science. But I am better at it than you are.

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