There’s Hope For All You Munters Out There!

So, this being my first blog post on my new website, I won’t bore you with like the preamble most idiots tend to put here. You can find all that on the My Story page.

I’ll be getting straight down to business with lifestyle tips, fashion accessories to die for, my unique dietary habits which will get you back in shape for the summer, and my outlook on the world, which, when combined with the above, is guaranteed to make you at least 25% better a person, generally.

From a marketing point of view, if you’re not already convinced of my genius, then there isn’t really much hope for you. I’ve TRIED to keep my strategy analysis simple enough for you to follow; I can explain it for you, but I can’t UNDERSTAND it for you too.


  1. Hi, I noticed your profile emerging as an authoritativitve resource on making things that would not normally be considered socially relevant become front and centre of an epicentre of new wave sharing epidemic pandemics where people like and Tweeter all the things that make go boom, front and centre of every kids living room walls and on the billboard chart movers list and bak on the gravy train for one and all to comprehend, apppreciate, adore in a rellay meaningful, soocilally explosive social wave of intent and user interaction bonuses. I need to know will you make me America’s next top superstar with the new and coming golden age of social guru megastardom. I am the one and only. Ryan Seacrest and you, me and the future Ant and Dec multimedia movement guru’s.

    • Is this actually like THE REAL CHESNEY HAWKES???

      Please don’t lie about it, this could mean a lot.

      Thanks Chesney,


  2. shut up ye sap or I’ll murder you.

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